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Hi harposman, for youtube videos -- just use +video button and paste youtube code in the small will get the video showing the way can I get a slice of pizza too..... :)
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nickie stone
Very beautiful words and inspiring
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I spooky needed to hear this. Thank you! God bless.
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That's beautiful, well said and so true.
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I could not of said that better myself. When I start to feel down, I remember that there are so many others that are way worse off than I am. God is good, and I believe that he will see us all through our hard times! Keep doing what you do, you and your wife are truly Angels on Earth! Please keep my family in your prayers!
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singlemomkrystle   in reply to harposman
Good how about you....
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I love that song it gives me motivation to strive and keep trying and know that everyday is a new day. <3
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That's on of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson
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Beautiful and uplifting song, thanks for sharing!
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harposman   in reply to singlemomkrystle
Good morning, Krystle. :) How are you today?
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Nice song...just listened....
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